An office is a place where workers share ideas, build relationships, and achieve goals.  Designing and building the right environment to achieve all these things is what we do.

Our purpose at SONICA is to transform working lives.

Everyone in SONICA has a role to play in realising our purpose.

As Head of Health & Safety at SONICA, my team and I work to create and maintain a positive and proactive culture around health and safety across the business and with everyone we work with. We have a duty of care to our on-site personnel and visitors, neighbouring tenants and members of the public to create safe, clean, hazard free environments. Upholding the highest health and safety standards leaves a lasting impression on the buildings we work in and futureproofs the safety of the workplaces we are transforming.

Collaborative Health & Safety

I also represent SONICA and the fit-out industry on the CIF Safety Committee to enable us to share knowledge with the wider construction industry. My role is supported by a team of Health & Safety Officers, and I am also supported by both senior management and the operations teams on site who play a vital role in setting health and safety standards on each project. Through our collaborative efforts health and safety is given the utmost diligence from the beginning at pre-planning stage through to post-completion. Every project is given the same level of detailed consideration no matter the size.

The collaborative nature of SONICA’s approach to Health and Safety has brought several best practice projects to life such as our ‘Code Orange’ Safety Guide which clearly sets out safety procedures and focuses for everyone SONICA works with and has been widely downloaded and shared among sub-contractors. We also host a Safety Hub portal where information and updates are made available in real time to all our team members helping to ensure everyone is always on the same page when it comes to health and safety.

Supporting #CIFSafety21

This week we are participating in the Construction Industry Federation’s Safety Week where “the goal is to eliminate accidents at work and to drive continual improvement in safety and health performance” across the industry.

We have adopted the key themes of #CIFSafety21 and made them relatable right across our business; from client sites to our HQ, in Skerries, Dublin. The themes this year include Drive Safe, Mind Your Health, Safety at Height, Safe Lifting and Managing Hazardous Energies.

Our teams will be carrying out safety checks, holding toolbox talks, issuing healthy eating packages, hosting a talk from Diabetes Ireland and carrying out a communication campaign physically on site and digitally on our dedicated hub and via email.

We will be encouraging a spirit of participation from the boardroom though to the sites.

Safety should never be compromised on any fit-out project. That’s why it’s crucial to have a professional fit-out company on your side that ensures the project runs smoothly while also making sure workplace health and safety standards are met.

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