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When you hire a design and build contractor, you’re getting a combined package. The Design and Build Contractor can answer ALL of the questions that you would ask both an architect and a construction company.

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The Design and Build construction model eliminate many of the traditional building challenges by streamlining the construction process. Rather than hiring a separate architect and then a contractor, hiring a design and build contractor combines both services, so all parties work together as a team from the very beginning. Usually, this means that construction can start and end sooner.

Our experience of Design and Build reaps rewards both for our clients and for our team, with one clear communication stream and enables us to work closely and with agility to ensure your project is completed in a seamless manner.

Our Design Team is led by Andreas Heil, Head of Design and Architecture. Andreas is an award winning designer with 20 years experience. He also teaches and lectures the Honour’s Degree course of Interior Architecture at Griffith College and loves the interaction with the designers of tomorrow.

Andreas Heil

Andreas Heil

Head of Design


You only have one contract and one point of contact to liaise with.

Time & Money

Better teamwork ensures more accurate cost and time estimates. A Guaranteed maximum price can be established early on.


Sub-contrator pricing remains competitive.


You don’t have to pay an architect extra for construction administration.

Clear Communication

Clear communication between designers and builders prevents up-charges related to change orders.

Save Costs

You can save costs on construction since the designer will take cost-efficiency into consideration when drawing plans.

On Time

Your project is much more likely to be completed on time.

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