I love being involved with a project from start to completion, watching a project go from an idea to a dream come true. On every project, I know that I will be working with top level professionals. SONICA provides me with opportunities to develop and become a more skilled professional.

SONICA is a company growing and evolving from job to job. Uncompromising Excellence is the only result when working with SONICA. SONICA produces high end projects from all sizes from small scale to large scale. Clients know they are in the best hands when working with SONICA.

My role is to establish the budget for a project and ensure that the project is completed on time and within the original set budget. I am involved at every stage of the project life cycle, from start to finish. I work with the client to make sure they are happy with the quality and progress of the project on a regular basis. I engage with sub-contractors to ensure everybody is performing at the top level to deliver top results.