Our culture centres on pushing the limits and excelling client satisfaction. Using responsiveness, flexibility, and open communication, we create strong, lasting internal and external relationships.

Our Responsible Business Approach

We utilise this mantra throughout the company to move our work forward sustainably and spark lasting contributions to our people, our communities, the environment around us and the construction industry.

We dedicate ourselves to working responsibly and sustainably, working to achieve environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity. We commit to preserving natural resources, preventing hazardous situations, and maintaining the surrounding environment.

Committing to live the main Lean principle of delivering value at the highest level Possible, our staff use advanced technologies, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), to create process flows, discover conflicts and provide the means to solve them.

Our commitment to Lean allows us to develop more predictable, reliable schedules and offer more time for planning and solving challenges and working more sustainably, minimising waste and optimising productivity.

SONICA can advise on the proper tools, studies and certifications needed to build your job correctly. Below are just some of the accreditations and certifications we have obtained to date.

Charity Partners

We work to support non profit organisations across our business operations, whether through fundraising, awareness or engagement, our teams are committed to supporting those in need.

We are proud that our charity partner for 2021 is St Michaels House 2021


St Michaels House

Community Partners

We engage our community to help them thrive through community engagement initiatives, student training programmes and Start up mentoring through to sponsorship and promotion.

Below are just some of the organisations we have supported to date.


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Environmental Approach

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and making a positive difference to the environment around us. We have reviewed our operations and fleet to make real changes in our ways of working. Our Sustainability Statement of Intent outlines our commitment to minimising our impact on the environment.

We are currently transitioning to a fully Hybrid fleet with full EV vehicles and sustainable transport options in place for our teams coming and going from our offices and sites.

Our commitment to creating offices of the future include addressing the circular economy and using sustainable products and ethical suppliers across all our operations.

Electric Scooter
Electric Car

We work with our Clients to support their sustainability goals and are proud to have received the highest ever LEED V4 Platinum Fit out Project certification for our project with HubSpot in Dublin. In addition, we support all global initiatives to support environmental awareness including Earth Day and World Environment Day. 


Our Staff don’t just work together; we support, protect, and encourage each other as a family. We offer several programmes and initiatives to support wellbeing among our team.

Our employee assistance programme offers support to our team and their families.
In addition to lunchtime and Friday wellness sessions, we run a Staff social club with regular activities to promote fitness, healthy eating, and positive mental health.

SONICA Wellbeing Focus

Building Equality in Construction

As an active member of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), we are committed to addressing equality and promoting women in the construction industry.

We are proud that we represent above the industry norm in relation to women in construction in addition to almost half of our senior team being female.


Employees from 10 countries



Women versus 10% industry norm


out of 11 Senior Team Members are Women

Equal Pay


Equal Pay for Equal Work