Virgin Media

Project Type

project type

Design & Build

Project Size


14,000 sq.ft






  • 16 weeks on-site

the client

Virgin Media is Ireland’s largest telecommunications operation in the country providing broadband internet, digital television and digital telephony to over 1 million customers.

First Landings

the brief

Our brief was to bring to life the vision for a pioneering workplace that integrates Virgin Media’s brand identity, iconic typography and ground-breaking new technologies into a seamless and unified design at Macken House. Our design concept for Macken House marks a decisive ‘new beginning’ for Virgin Media and galvanizes a new team spirit and office community.

Open plan office areas are compact and clearly defined, as a trade-off allowing for more of well-functioning community spaces that connect people. A variety of meeting spaces, seated niches, lounges, small to medium meeting rooms and phone booths cater for a variety of ways of working and collaborating. The beating heart of the community is where it should be, in the centre of the space, expressed with an ‘Infinity Hub’ break-out area and the ‘X-Change’, a marketplace for ideas and collaboration. To celebrate the city centre location, the central ‘heart’ visually and physically links through the new ‘Street Cafe’ staff kitchenette all the way to the up and coming Mayor Street, proudly showcasing the Smart Home to the outside world. The layout is informed mainly by access to direct daylight or perception of daylight and connection to the outside. Workstations are grouped in two main zones, one adjacent to the large glazed façade towards the outdoor area, the other with access to daylight through the glazed gym. Together with 4 workstations in the open office area, we achieved a total number of 140 desks of which 28 were non assigned desks.

All main communal spaces are laid out in succession along the central spine of the floor plan: the ‘Infinity Hub’ break-out area, the ‘X-change’ with hot desking and surrounding meeting rooms and finally the new ‘Street Café’ staff canteen. The gym is at the East end of the building due to its proximity to changing rooms. The main circulation routes are passing reception into the V-Street Café, through the X-Change into the open plan office. From there, the route splits into a route to the gym to the right and a route to the boardroom. The concourse is marked through a geometric carpet pattern on the floor. Green plants have a proven positive impact on staff well-being. We used extensive planting mainly in the open plan office as an extension of the structural columns. These planters visually break the open plan desk rows into smaller zones and benefit through acoustic diffusion. Branding carried throughout the scheme in form of the company red, the Virgin Infinity Loop as floating 3D object and was an inspiring work in progress with their own brand team.

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Office Fit-Out of Virgin Media, Macken House, Dublin
Office Fit-Out of Virgin Media, Macken House, Dublin