First Landings

I wanted the next Hyperscale leader to walk in and get who we are and what we have created. First Landings is our statement of intent and the catalyst for Clients to want to choose us as their bespoke provider.


Donnacha Neary, Founder & MD, SONICA

  • 30,000 Sq ft
  • 44 Weeks
  • Fully Seated Auditorium
  • Zen & Wellness Space
  • Executive Boardrooms
  • VR Suite
  • Podcast Studio
  • Café Docks
  • ZOOM Room Enabled Conferencing
  • Games Areas
  • GC QUAD Golf Simulator

the work

the story

As a leading international contractor, SONICA is no stranger to creating award winning designs and inspiring ground breaking trends in interior workplaces. Their new HQ “First Landings”, however, was born to be something very different. SONICA’s Founder and MD, Donnacha Neary, had a vision for a workspace of the future, something that no one else had done before. The concept, as the name describes, was for SONICA to provide their own unique workspace environment that FDI’s entering the Irish market could use as their base or First Landing point. From there, while they focus on attracting new talent and establishing their business, using all the amenities that First Landings could provide, SONICA’s world class Team would locate, procure, design & fit out their new office for them, shaving months off the traditional market entry approach. First Landings needed to captivate and entice the target audience of the entrepreneur, the disruptor and the next world class business leader. The building also needed to act as a showcase for SONICA’s service offering and reflect SONICA’s highly innovative approach and reputation as a trusted and preferred fit out contractor. With a big idea and ambitious plans, Donnacha set out to find the perfect partner to support the realisation of First Landings. Donnacha was familiar with the work of KLD and together they began to tease out the concept of First Landings.

There were three overriding conditions – Firstly, it must not look like anything you’ve seen before, “if it looks like an office, it’s a fail”. Then, it must use ground-breaking technology to ensure the users experience is future proofed and finally, in true SONICA brand style, it had to ooze the energy and dynamism of the SONICA Team. What followed from KLD was the creation of a cutting edge 30,000 sq. ft sensory design, that included the development of key spaces; Land and Expand suites, an Executive Boardroom, Hub and Spoke office space, VR Studio and Empire, a 125 seated auditorium. Other amenities include a Podcast studio, Zen area, Games room, DJ Booth, Café and a GC-Quad Golf Simulator. While the project appeared to be all systems go, the Universe had other ideas. In March 2020, Covid-19 shook the world and while the project itself was on course, the Team took the opportunity to pause and reflect on the design and usability of the spaces for a socially distanced environment. Functionally, KLD worked to create a purposeful design, safe without being confining, and distanced without losing a sense of community and collaboration. The final result speaks for itself, the glazed zen and wellness space occupies the heart of the upper floor, surrounded by a central running track and double corridor, with bespoke lighting illuminating from the ceiling and floor. The suites and collaboration spaces branch out from every side. While making your way down the orange tiled staircase, you enter the featured hospitality and bar area past the curved seating and overhead circular lights which lead you into the auditorium. The auditorium has a captivating plush blue surrounding with velvet drapes, scaled seating and strip lighting, dimmed to allow you to watch one of the largest LED screens in the country with full Dolby 7.1 surround sound. For more information on First Landings, visit

Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings
Sonica First Landings