About Sonica

Our mission is to compel every Client and Partner to choose to work with SONICA – from their very first interaction, through to each and every touchpoint with us.


We have grown at pace and we are proud of our alignment with our prestigious Clients. Indeed, it has been their faith in our method that has helped propel us to where we are today. the genuine drive for uncompromising excellence that our Teams have fostered through our formative years has meant that by design, and not luck, our company has established itself as one of the leading construction companies with offices in Ireland, the UK and Germany. How?


Our Brand

Our Brand is instantly recognisable and desirable, Irish in legacy but global in its ambition. We are hugely innovative – from our Headquarters and our sites to our assets and our image.

Every touch point and engagement exude our professional legitimacy.


Our Team

We provide award winning services through the diverse skill set of our highly talented in-house team. We are qualified, experienced, trained, motivated, appreciated, and happy. We work together because we know we all have a role to play in making SONICA a success. 


Our Clients

Our Clients are global leaders that in true partnership provide us with opportunities to learn and grow. They trust that we can fulfil and realise their vision for success and can map a path to achieving it. We share a mutual respect that drives peer to peer engagement, we sit beside them at the table.


Our Environment

We work to inspire change; we engage partners that are aligned in our commitment to create a responsible and sustainable environment. We strive to make a positive impact on the locations and the communities where we live and work.

our approach

We have made bold decisions to enter markets which have historically been dominated by long-established players. The ‘can-do’ attitude of our people, led by a clear strategy, is what has driven our business and allowed us to thrive in those markets. The desire to continue to make our voice heard means we will continue to make significant investment in our people and resources. We are prepared to do this, because it is not only the right thing to do, but over the long term, it is what will continue to set us apart in the industry.  How?

1. Be Different

We do not look or move like a traditional construction company. We create our own opportunities and drive our own revenue streams by attracting new Clients to our unique delivery ethos. We operate in diverse environments outside of our traditional industry ecosystem.

2. Be Self Aware

We are constantly focused on learning from the past. We look at our weaknesses and we are not afraid to address them – even when that’s hard. We ask for feedback and we act on it.

3. Be Focused

We set ourselves achievable and measurable targets. We review and reassess often and we adjust fast. We are never standing still – we are always growing.

4. Be Aligned

Every individual knows they have a role to play in the success of our Company. Every Client that interacts with our business is given a holistic experience regardless of the SONICA person they meet. We have total trust in our colleagues abilities and we drive each other to succeed.